Top 5 things to do in Mykonos

Mykonos, the island of the winds where all jet-setters and celebrities have fallen in love! A jewel of the Aegean, boasting its traditional architecture with the whitewashed houses and the iconic landscapes! Are you planning a trip to Mykonos? Whether you are staying for a couple of days or you are about to enjoy long, amazing vacations on the island, here are the top 5 things to do in Mykonos!

Things to Do in Mykonos – Not to Miss Out

Sunset at Little Venice

things to do in mykonos little venice

First and foremost, for each romantic soul out there Little Venice is the place to be at sunset. Take a stroll and enjoy the views to the Aegean Sea and the sky, as it gets filled with magical colors. You will find a lot of cafés and bars in the area. The interesting thing about these buildings is that they once belonged to Venetian pirates and smugglers. Now they have been renovated, of course, always maintaining their exquisite charm.

Visit the Windmills

things to do in mykonos windmills

Mykonos is not called the island of winds for no reason! So one of the top things to do in Mykonos is to visit the iconic windmills! Although they are not operational and hence you cannot grind grains there, they are still part of the local history. Some of them have been renovated and they are now used as accommodation options. Once you reach the top and find the windmills, look down. The view is magical! You can see Chora and of course the mesmerizing horizon far away.

Delos Cruise

mykonos delos

Even if you are just visiting Mykonos for a day or two, it is worth cruising to Delos. This is hands down one of the most impressive things to do in Mykonos. Delos is an uninhabited island close by, where ancient Greeks used to gather for religious and political purposes. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Center, due to the extensive archaeological site found there. Home to God Apollo, who was allegedly born here, Delos is a work of art on its own. Schedule your trip and you will be lost for words, without a doubt!

Paraportiani Church

mykonos paraportiani

This is a true landmark of Mykonos, highlighting the spiritual character of the island. Even though it is considered a single church, in reality it consists of five different churches. The imposing size and the all-white color, the overwhelming ringing of the bells and the sun rays illuminating the church especially at sunset, these are all elements that add to its glorious presence. Get ready to take pictures!


mykonos elia beach

Technically, this is not a single thing to do! However, you can have your pick amongst the most popular beaches of the island and enjoy the transparent waters of the Aegean! If you want to party, then one of the top things to do in Mykonos is visit Paradise, Super Paradise or Psarou beaches. Platis Gialos is another wonderful beach, as well as Ornos and Kalo Livadi, Agios Ioannis and Elia. Whatever you choose, the waters will compensate you and so will the service and the special vibe!

So there you have it – a brief yet informative guide on the top 5 things to do in Mykonos. Book your trip to the island and start exploring its hidden treasures. Enjoy the unique vibrant nightlife, the marvelous beaches, the culture and the folklore, the concerts and the special events taking place throughout summer. Above all, be part of one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the whole wide world! Traveling to Mykonos is an unmatched experience that you will cherish for a lifetime!