Top 5 things to do in Rhodes

Rhodes is actually the largest island of Dodecanese, world renowned for its rich history and culture, the amazing landscapes and the fabulous points of interest. It would take more than a few weeks to get to know Rhodes. Discovering each attraction and hidden treasure would require a lot of time. But isn’t Rhodes perfect for a few days’ getaway? Of course it is! And this is why we have created a compact top 5 list with the things to do in Rhodes. You can squeeze them even during the weekend – ideal for island hopping!


Best Things to Do in Rhodes

Let’s see which places are a “must” on the island of Rhodes, even when your time is limited:

A Stroll at the Old Town

rhodes old town

The influence of the Knights is omnipresent at the Old Town. Medieval touches have survived through the centuries. The Medieval Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. As you are walking along the Street of the Knights, you will feel a strange, romantic aura embracing you. This is the oldest inhabited medieval town in whole Europe. It is located in the very heart of Rhodes, making it hard to miss. Just enjoy your stroll and relax!

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

things to do in rhodes old town

You can also go for the name “Castello”! It is a medieval castle, housing the administration of the Knights after occupying the island. Built somewhere in the 7th century, it maintains its emblematic character. Now it has been transformed into the Museum of Rhodes. The museum hosts a rich collection of exhibits from the island, where the impact of the Orient and the West gets fused in perfection.

Valley of the Butterflies

rhodes butterflies

A natural park, Natura 2000 protected zone, highlights nature at its best! This is certainly one of the tip things to do in Rhodes, visiting a place of unmatched beauty. If you visit the island during summer, you will get the chance to explore quite a few different species of butterflies as they mature. The place is extraordinary, with running water and lush greenery. You can even grab a bite or have something to drink at the café within the premises.

Faliraki Beach

rhodes beach

Stretching approximately 4 kilometers along the east coastline of Rhodes, Faliraki Beach is popular thanks to its vibrant nightlife. It is also a great place for water sports and ideal for those seeking a well organized beach. From this place, you can get on boats taking you to other beaches of the island. And the best part is that you can stay at Faliraki Beach from early in the morning till late at night!


rhodes lindos

Finally, we wrap up our top 5 list of things to do in Rhodes with Lindos. An emblematic acropolis standing tall on the highest rock, inviting you to climb up and gaze from above! Amongst the attractions in the area, you will see the Temple of Athena Lindia. Kleovoulos Tomb and Archokrateio will also catch your attention. Lindos is a picturesque settlement on the island and is worth visiting at least once!


So start planning your trip, including at least these “must-see” attractions in Rhodes. Of course, you can always add more days to your visit on the island. In this way, you will have the opportunity to visit more landmarks and exquisite points of interest. The beaches are absolutely marvelous, nature is exceptional and the hospitality of the Rhodians gives you another reason to smile! Escape south and experience Mediterranean from a privileged point of view!