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Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018

Athens will be transformed into the Capital of Tango! From 30 May to 3 June 2018, the heart of tango will beat loud and clear! In the center of Athens, people will have the opportunity to enjoy the most spectacular dancers in the world. Where? At Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018!

Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018: Shall We Tango?

Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018

Whether you are an enthusiast or you simply wish to experiment with Latin dances, this is your chance! Registrations are now available for taking tango lessons and learning more about the philosophy behind this dance. The perfect way to awaken and stimulate the senses. A romantic, sensual dance between a man and a woman getting close. What could be more intimate?

Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018 will take place at several venues around Kerameikos. Kerameikos is a historic district of the city, where the ancient Athenians performed their burials. No the whole area has been turned into an entertainment hub.

Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018

Gazi Music Hall is a contemporary building that will host some of the events, along with Baile de Barrio Dance Studio. There will be maestros, guest artists and Djs during the festival. So everyone will dance till the morning light, that’s for sure!

If you are interested in the culture of Tango or if you wish to see the Latin flame burning in each step, this is the perfect festival to attend. Combine your visit to Athens with a visit to such a cultural event and you will be thrilled!