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Tips for Athens Part 3 : Almost Local

For those of you who have explored Athens to the point you feel almost like a local! Athens is a city that keep evolving and full of suprises that never cease to amaze. This is a guide forthose of you who want to explore even further the magnificent aspects of this legendary city.

1. Greek Gastonomy museum

For a taste of Greek traditional cuisine, head to the imposing villa that just recently became the home for the first Gastronomy Museum. Currently you can buy at the museum’s shop products from the monasteries of Greece, such as wine, oil, honey, herbs, pasta and sweets or you can make a dinner reservation at the museum’s restaurant.

2. Shopping Spot Sur Measure

Order your tailor made, haute couture women’s clothing at Deuz Hommes or Celia Kritharioti fashion Studios, get your sur measure shirts at Christakis and your tailored jacketsat Dimitris Petrou, who also creates dreamy womenswea.

3. Quick Bites at : Metropolis Sandwich

In the heart of the city, at Voulis street, behind the pedestain road of Ermou you can grab one the freshest and most gourmet sandwiches to refuel your body.

4. Radisson Blu Park Hotel

You’ve stayed in the fancy areas, you’re with hotel extravaganzas. Now all you want is a home away from home, a place whee you can enjoy all the city has to offer. Radison Blue PArk hotel is an urban nature hotel that brings the ambience of the Redion Areos PArk inside the hotel’s design rooms.

5. Raise a Glass : Transistor bar

In the streets of Psurri, near Monatiraki metro station you will find one of the most loved fresh bars in town. At Transistor you will find amazing coctails, music and authentic Athenian ambience.

6. Escape Rooms: Athensclue.gr

Even if you have experienced everythings Athens has to offer, you propably have never lived a real mystery. Groups of friends up to six people, will be “locked” in one of the four rooms. We wish you the best of luck trying to escape.

7. On Stage : Athens and Epidaurus Festival

One of the oldest Arts festivals in Greece.A great celebration that has lasted 56 summers, and that has hosted some of the leading lights of theatre, music and dance. Do not miss enjoying an evening of theatre or music hosted at the Ancient Greek theatre Herodion or at the Legendary Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, which has been home to ancient greek drama for 4000 years!

8. Dream Drinks: Island Private House

If you really fall in the “almost local” category. then sooner or later you are bound to be invited to one of the unforgetable events or parties hosted at the private area of the famous, ever-impressive island club and restaurant.

9. Fancy Dinner Experience: All Sences

At one of the most popular seaside areas of Athens, Glyfada, you will find a dining experience at All Sences restaurant. You have to make a reservation chosing the size of your menu, which you will enjoy in a 4D multi senses environment!

10. Pit Stop : TAF – The Art Foundation Metamatic

In the streets of Monastiraki behind the Flea Market you will find one the best hidden areas for coffe in the heart of Athens. An old terrace that has been renovated thus preserving all the areas that surround it. It really is a unique place to visit and enjoy you coffe and the art installations

11. A piece of Athens: Forget me NOT

And you won’t. This thoroughky Greek but completely modern gift shop in Plaka collects items crafted by the most important representatives of contemporary Greek Design.