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Tips for Athens Part 1 : First- Time Visitors

Here are the best custom-made experiences so you can make most of the city of Athens!

Must- See Attractions : The Parthenon

Even if you only have one day, it really is worthwhile to venture up to the Sacred Rock and admire the most influential and well-preserced example of Greek Classical architecture in person.


How sweet! Zonar’s

If the classic charm of this historic café does not win you over, the the authentic ice cream flavours will do the trick

On stage – Herodeion

The impressive architecture and astounding acoustics of the Ancient Oden of Herodes Atticus provides the ideal setting for enjoying a variety of international productions from its marble seating area as part of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival every year from May to October.


Galaxy Restaurant & Bar

At the magic terrace on the top of the Hilton hotel first-time visitors rub shoulders with Athenians in search of an idyllic atmosphere for a delightful first date or a relaxing evening.

Ideal Stay – Hotel Grand Bretagne

Your visit to the city must be emblematic and unforgettable, and nothing can compareto the history and elegance of the Grand Bretagne. What to expect aristocratic suites, stylish restaurants, impeccable service and hundreds of influential celebrities and personalities composing its exclusive guest list.

Morning Birds – Public Café

Start your day with a bust of flavor on the 5th floor of the Public Department store featuring the best view in Syntagma Square. Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, sausages, toast, sweet or savoury pies and pastries as well as a selection of intetesting coffess and teas.

Quick bites – Bairaktaris

Tucking into a delicious souvlaki wrapped in pitta near Monastiraki Square is just as much a classic as indulging in a portion of fish&chips in London’s Soho or a slice of pizza off Piazza Navona in Rome.

Antiquities – Acropolis Museum

Wander through a veritable forest of antiquities and admire the Caryatids up close at the New Acropolis Museum: for an additional dose of the timeless beauty, head to the National Archaelogical Museum

New Acropolis Museum Location: Athens, Greece Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architect
New Acropolis Museum Location: Athens, Greece Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architect

Fancy Dinner – Funky Gourmet

The most funky gourmand restaurant in townjust recently celebrated its second Michelin star: this elegant neoclassical building sets the stage for unique delicious adventures that are prepared presented and served in the most artistic and creative ways.

Shopping Spot – Attica the department store

A stroll around the flagship store of Athenian shopping is enough for you to update your wish-list, since Attica stocks numerous fashion brands and must-have beauty products.

Aigli Zappiou

With the restaurant’s verdant terraceas your backdrop, discover select wines by Mediterra Winery and other Greek producres; the perfect accompaniment to your delectable meal.

A piece of Athens – 18ΦRYNIHOU

There are countless jewellery stores in Plaka, but here you will come across a remarkable artistic collection of handmade jewellery crafted by talented Greek designers. Elaborate creations in silk, silver and other natural material will impress you!

Pit Stop – A for Athens

After an exhausting day exploring the sites on foot, it is time for a break. Take a midday coffee break at A for Athens and absorb the view of the Parthenon framed by the colourful roofs of the listed buildings.

At your service – Travel Zone Greece Private Tour

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