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Tilos Project: Innovation with Respect to Nature

Tilos Project has impressed through its innovative character and amazing prospects. As a result, ever since it was conceived till now that concepts have been put into practice, this grand project has received several prestigious awards. Among them, the Energy Islands category at the EU Sustainable Energy Awards in 2017 and the Greek Energy Forum award in 2018. Of course, scientists have already concluded that Tilos Project is a great solution for Greece, due to the country’s abundance in sunlight and strong winds.

tilos project

Let’s have a closer look at what Tilos Project is all about. We are talking about the first hybrid station in Europe to produce energy. The name does not only represent the island. It is also an acronym for Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage. Meant to cover the needs for electricity in Livadia village with approximately 500 inhabitants, this project will resolve a pressing matter; the matter of energy sustainability. In fact, it has been estimated that on some days power production will be enough to cover 100% the needs in Tilos and then export energy in Kos.

tilos project

Imagine how useful such an initiative is going to be! No wonder why it was the first to get approval at the European Programme HORIZON 2020, even though competition was fierce (over 80 other projects competed!). As for some truly enticing details about the project, it consists of a 800kW wind turbine, 592 PV solar panels to benefit from Greek eternal sunshine, inverters and battery converters. This all sounds jaw-dropping, but they are applied to everyday life and in fact they are bound to change the quality of life for islanders for good!