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Tilos Hiking & Birdwatching

Tilos is a marvelous destination, filled with unspoiled landscapes and amazing evergreen nature. Activities outdoors offer a better understanding of the beauty and uniqueness, in this charming place on Earth. This is why Tilos hiking & birdwatching opportunities allow travelers to take in the authentic identity of this magnificent island of Dodecanese. Due to its rather small size, Tilos enables you to explore it in depth through hiking paths that connect the villages and traditional settlements, the historic attractions and nature’s wonderments.

tilos hiking & birdwatching

As for birdwatching, Tilos is home to the stunning number of 155 documented wild bird species. As you may have guessed, the island is part of Natura 2000 and is indeed a protected area. Among the major bird species to be found here, the Eleonora Falcon, covers one tenth of its total population here in Tilos. Apart from the birds, it is equally thrilling to observe the rich flora with more than 800 botanical species in abundance throughout the year. Of course, one main reason why birds love Tilos so much and thrive here is the fact that hunting is forbidden. NO exceptions. People in Tilos love animals and respect nature, which shows in the way they live and their patterns. The perfect balance between Man and Nature is not spoiled here, for sure.

tilos hiking & birdwatching

Follow the paths taking you to Megalo Chorio and its smaller counterpart, Mikro Chorio, all the way up to Charkadio Cave. Explore the Medieval Castle of Tilos and the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Antonios and so much more. Climb up the hills or stroll down to the harbor or the secluded beaches all over the island. Tilos hiking & birdwatching opens so many new opportunities. As for the best time to visit Tilos, it is clearly up to you. Spring and autumn features a rich variety of bird species for you to discover. However, throughout the year there are different species to keep you company and thrill you!