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Things to do in Samos: Pythagorio

A short guide to Pythagorio.

Pythagorio town.

Pythagorio has everything one can expect from an Aegean island. It is a vivid little town with plenty of bars, cafes and tavernas and a character that combines the history of the place with the lifestyle of a modern summer destination. It is the most popular choice of tourists as it is very close to Samos airport and the marina and most of the hotels are located here. But this is not the only reason; thanks to  Pythagorio’s rich history, all the major historical landmarks of Samos are located nearby. After all, Pythagorio is the most ancient city of Samos and is named after its most famous citizen: Pythagoras. Apart from its history, Pythagorio has a lot to offer. It is a place that you cannot get bored easily as it is impressive the amount of bars and tavernas you can find taking in consideration its small size. Additionally, all the big summer cultural events take place here, with everyday something new to watch.

The Tunnel of Eupalinos

Pythagorio has plenty to show regarding its past and if you are the history buff this is your place. The most impressive one is the Tunnel of Eupalinos which is a miracle of engineer as the ancient samians managed to dig this 1036 meters long tunnel using only mathematics and geometry. It was built during the 6th BC and served as an aqueduct, bringing water from the one side of the mountain to the town. I am told that at this moment the tunnel is closed due to restoration works but it will open soon for the public.

The monastery of Panagia Spiliani

Very close to the Tunnel of Eupalinos there is also the monastery of Panagia Spiliani. As the name suggests (Panagia Spiliani is Greek for Madonna of the Cave) the monastery has a little church build inside a cave which creates for the visitors an inexplicable feeling of serenity and spirituality.

Heraion Temple

Yet the most famous landmark near Pythagorio is the Heraion Temple. Dedicated to Hera, the infamous for her jealousy wife of Zeus, the Heraion was one of the most important religious temples in the antiquity because of the archaeological findings of religious offers that came not only from Greece but from every corner of the ancient world; but also for its size, as it is one of the biggest Greek temples ever built.

Pythagorio’s Archaeological Museum

It is worth visiting the new archaeological museum in Pythagorio. It is not a big museum like that of Athens, but it certainly has a very rich collection, it is well organized and offers a very good perspective of the history of Samos.

Potokaki and Glykoriza beach

As I have already mentioned, Pythagorio is the warmest part of the island, therefore visiting the beach is a very tempting thought. The most organized beach of the island is in Pythagorio. Potokaki beach It is located next to the town and it is probably the best place for watersport in the island. If you like a calmer place for swimming and sunbathing, there is also Glykoriza beach where you can relax at the beautifully organized seaside or simply enjoy the water.