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Thessaloniki Cinema Museum & Cinematheque

Established in 1997, Thessaloniki Cinema Museum is located in a warehouse at the pier by the harbor of the city. Very close to the legendary Aristotelous Square, it is easily accessible on foot and is the perfect addition to any quiet, leisurely stroll by the waterfront. If you love cinema and you are interested in learning more about Greek film making over time, then you know where to start. As part of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, the museum will definitely enchant you.

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

Projection machines, filming equipment, brochures and scripts, LPs and CDs are just few of the things you will discover upon visiting Thessaloniki Cinema Museum. In fact, this is a fresh point of view to all the people who have been struggling to document a form of Art in Greece. And the occasion for the creation of the museum is also significant, as Thessaloniki had been named Europe’s Cultural Capital in 1997 and it seemed like the best time to celebrate Greek film making.

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

In the museum, visitors are free to wander through the aisles and find out more about Greek cinema. Alternatively, there are guided tours taking place on a daily basis. The museum is open to the public on weekdays and the ticket costs 2 euros. If you visit during the Film Festival, a lot of surprises will be waiting for you. But no matter when you actually visit, the museum is an excellent place housing one of the most loved forms of Art in the world.