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Thessaloniki Celebrates Dimitria 2017

This October, Thessaloniki will be dancing in the rhythm of Dimitria 2017! They will last from October 1st to October 22nd. On these days, the cultural festival will attempt to fuse the diversities. In a multi-cultural environment, artists from all over the world will create. They will entertain. They will inspire.

Dimitria 2017! A celebration of differences. A celbration that brings us closer! This is what Art is meant to do, right? So let’s attend the festival! There are many things to fascinate and amaze us!

Spectacles at Dimitria 2017

dimitria 2017

Theatrical performances, concerts, dances and photography exhibitions. These are amongst the events of Dimitria 2017. They all have one thing in common; they focus on humanity. 42 different actions and events will be held simultaneously, under the hospitable roof of Thessaloniki.

Artists express themselves and convey the messages they want in a magical experience. The audience interacts with the artists. They show them the enthusiasm and appreciation that they deserve. Thessaloniki has always been a cultural city. With Dimitria 2017, such a claim is strengthened.

Are you planning to visit Thessaloniki in October? Then check out the scheduled events of the festival. They are the voice that needs to be heard. A genuine voice. Find the events that appeal to you most. So go ahead! Of course, don’t forget to explore Thessaloniki in all its magnitude!