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Therma Beach in Kalymnos

Within short distance to Pothia and the port of the island, Therma beach in Kalymnos is definitely a must-stop for all travelers. Even though it is so close to the harbor, the waters are exceptionally clear and inviting. Besides that, Therma name derives from the actual Hot waters you will find there. It is in fact the location where thermal springs exist, offering their therapeutic properties so generously to those who seek to experience euphoria on the island. Without any inconvenience or trouble, you will have the chance to enjoy this lovely natural thermal spa, a breath from the main town of Kalymnos. A splendid experience, for sure!

kalymnos therma

The waters at Therma beach in Kalymnos contain precious minerals, such as sodium and chlorine, potassium and many other valuable substances. As a result, many people visit the site not only during summer. It is an all-year destination in wellness tourism. The temperature of the water is typically at 38.1 degrees Celsius, which means that swimming there is quite pleasant. Everyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or sciatica, pain in the joints and various other manifestations of chronic pain, this is a marvelous way to naturally deal with the aching feeling.

kalymnos therma

In addition, people enjoy combining their swims in the turquoise waters of Therma beach in Kalymnos, in between their therapeutic sessions. The waters are not shallow, so this is a splendid place for diving. There are some sunbeds and umbrellas, too. The beach is pebbly, with some rocks in some spots. However, overall it is a very friendly and welcoming place by the capital of Kalymnos. Take the time to discover this genuine gem on the island, experiencing the warmth of this natural thermal spa.