The Top 5 Greek Islands

There is such a great number of Greek islands that it can be really overwhelming if you try to choose and pick the best destination. As in matter of fact, there are more than 2000 islands located in Greece, from which the 227 are inhabited. Additionally, the Greek islands are not simply numerous but also diverse. For this reason, here is a selection of the top 5 of the most essential, most representative Greek islands in order to make the most of your Greek vacations.

1. Santorini:

The island of Santorini is probably one of the most famous islands in the world and not unfairly. The praiseworthy sunset of Santorini is truly an inimitable experience. What makes this island so great, apart from the sunset, it is its unique geography (product of a volcanic eruption), its picturesque Cycladic architecture, its award winning wine, and the some of the best bars and restaurants you can find.


2. Mykonos:

This second choice was not hard to make. Mykonos combines all these things that a traveler would want from a cosmopolitan paradise. Mykonos town is an ideal place for shopping and nightlife. There is a luxurious selection of brands located in Matogiannia Street (town’s main street) and bars in Little Venice that serve delicious cocktail. As if that were not enough, Mykonos has amazing beaches offered for long days and longer nights by the sea.

Sunset at Little Venice Mykonos
Sunset at Little Venice Mykonos

3. Rhodes:

It is the biggest island in the Dodecanese. The medieval Old Town of the city of Rhodes is a beautiful setting for your vacations as strolling along the cobblestones of Lindos, or visiting the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Street of the Knights will transfer you to another era. Along with the island’s endless sandy beaches makes Rhode an ideal travel destination.


4. Crete:

Crete is a great island, not only in size but in abundance of things you can do. You can enjoy the luxury of your own sunbed on a magical private beach right under your suite, or you can conquer the waves by water-skiing and sailing to nearby secluded islets (or even both!). Cretan cuisine is the king of Mediterranean diet and here is the best place to try Crete’s famous mezedes (Greek tapas), paired with strong tsikoudia (the local firewater).


5. Corfu:

Known also as the ‘Grand Lady’ of the Ionian, Corfu inspires a feeling of grandeur. This feeling can be experienced by strolling around the well-preserved old quarters of the town of Corfu, walking under the Liston arcades, or visiting the Achillion Palace and the stunning Mon Repos. On top of that, Corfu has gorgeous beaches and a local cuisine that will make your stay memorable.