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The Therapeutic Milos Hot Springs

Milos is an island of unspoiled beauty. A place where the volcanic activity has shaped outstanding landscapes! It is the volcanic activity that has led to thermal springs. All over Milos hot springs are famous for their healing properties. There are different temperatures and water compositions. So they result in numerous benefits for the body. Besides any other attraction, Milos boasts its thermal springs. And welcomes you to enjoy their powerful elements.

Milos Hot Springs: Elixir of Life

Milos hot springs

Due to its geomorphology, the underground wealth of Milos is immense. You can find thermal springs all over the island. But Adamantas (or Adamas) stands out. In the area next to the harbor, the municipality has created spas. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic power of water. These natural spas operate weather permitting. But even on other parts of the island, travelers are free to dive. Thus they enjoy equally amazing hot springs.

Ever since antiquity, Hippocrates talked of Milos. He highlighted the essential nature of hot springs. As per his findings, water might help with arthritis and rheumatisms. It can also treat skin and gynecological problems. Of course, remedy is not instant. It takes time. The right water composition is essential too. This is how water heals disease. But still, most people turn to spas for absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. And in Milos, hot springs will give you that!

Travel to Milos: 10 Days in Greece Cruise

Milos hot springs

Schedule your cruise to the Greek islands. Check out Travel Zone’s amazing 10 Days in Greece option. You start at Athens and explore the historic center. Then head out to the mesmerizing Aegean. Sifnos, the island of poets and unparalleled elegance, is next.

Before reaching Santorini and admiring its volcanic landscapes, it is time for Milos. Lunar shaped beaches (over 80 of them in total!) and transparent waters. Lovely villages and of course Milos hot springs! What more could you ask? Book now and enjoy!