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The Magical Kithira Watermills in Neraida Ravine

Travelers reaching the picturesque village of Mylopotamos in Kithira are spellbound by the beauty and dazzling landscapes all around. The area seems like it has been left untouched by the toll of time and modernity. This is definitely an extraordinary place to be and a little further from Mylopotamos another surprise lies ahead. It is the magnificent natural masterpiece of Kithira Watermills in Neraida Ravine.

Kithira watermills in Neraida Ravine

In an evergreen place surrounded by plane trees, the waterfalls are purely mesmerizing. You see the water falling from 20 meters high, shimmering and offering a unique spectacle. The waterfalls have created a small pond, where travelers are welcome to dive in for the ultimate invigorating experience. However, beware because the water might be freezing. Due to the special place that is not often touched by the sun rays, temperatures are often low and therefore swimming is only for those with great courage!

Kithira watermills in Neraida ravine

Around the waterfalls and in the wider area, you will also come across the watermills. These have been constructed to boost the local economy. Even though the islanders do not rely on the watermills in Neraida Ravine for their survival, they still maintain a special place in their heart. And they are considered one of the best attractions on the island. In fact, this is one of the most romantic places to be in Kithira. So those in love are bound to find the idyllic scenery for a wonderful day out in the open air!

Kithira watermills in Neraida ravine

It is also worth noting that the waterfall holds two names. The one is that of Neraida, meaning Fairy in Greek. This name has been correlated with the dragonflies often found in the area. The other, less known, name is that of Fonissa. According to urban legend, two women fought on top of the waterfall. One of them fell in the water and so the other one was named “The Murderess”. In Greek, this is Fonissa.

Kithira watermills in Neraida ravine

Discover the exquisite attractions of Kithira. Get carried away by its enchantment. The splendid Kithira watermills in Neraida ravine are among them. All these are in a bucket list of where to go and what to do on the island of Kithira!