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The Incredible Blue Cave of Kastelorizo

On the tiny island of Kastelorizo, a wonder of nature takes place. It is the Blue Cave of Kastelorizo, the most important attraction on the island. A wonderful landmark, a place where cobalt blue meets the fierce rocks! Upon entering the cave, you will be introduced to a whole new world – a world of amazement, a world where dreams come alive!

Visiting the Blue Cave of Kastelorizo

blue cave of kastelorizo

Located on the southeastern part of the island, the Blue Cave of Kastelorizo can only be reached via boat. At the harbor you will be able to embark on the boat and head to the cave. Once you are there, get ready for an unforgettable experience. The boatman will instruct you to stand up and just enjoy!

The whole scenery is mesmerizing. The color is so intense, azure bliss! Especially in the morning when the sun is still low, the spectacle blows your mind. Also known as the Azure Grotto, this is one of the largest underground caves of Greece. The sun rays reflect on the water surface. The stalactites are shaped after thousands of years. A masterpiece of nature, unique in its kind!

Perhaps the next best thing to Paradise, the ethereal Blue Cave of Kastelorizo! And why don’t you schedule a cruise to Rhodes and enjoy the charms of Kastelorizo in between? Certainly an experience to cherish!