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The Impressive Ancient Roman Theater of Milos

The Ancient Roman Theater of Milos is built on a prominent location. on a rocky slope next to the Catacombs. This ancient masterpiece of acoustics has always attracted attention. Its construction dates back to the Hellenistic Era and it has been preserved quite remarkably till today. You can find it at the picturesque village of Tripiti. It is just a couple of kilometers from Plaka and not more than 5 kilometers from Adamas.

Architectural Interest

ancient roman theater of Milos

There are seven marble rows, made of the world renowned Parian marble. So visitors get a glimpse of how impressive the theater must have been in its full glory. Its capacity reached 7,000 people and this is entirely fascinating. Besides the seating space, there are also some other parts of the theater that have survived. For example, you can see the orchestra and the flooring.

The monument had been discovered early on by French connoisseurs. Still, excavations only took place many years later. And in fact, excavations are not complete yet. However, many cultural events are held at the theater. Due to its mesmerizing view and amazing acoustics, it is the perfect place for enjoying the endless Aegean blue and the starlit sky. Imagine listening to great music, while relishing the salty breeze and gazing at the majestic horizon.

Do You Want to Visit the Ancient Roman Theater of Milos?

ancient roman theater of Milos

This is definitely one of the most significant historic sites on the island. It is worth climbing up the slope There you will not only admire the Ancient Roman Theater of Milos. You will also relish the exquisite view. Do you want to experience such wonderful moments gazing at the Aegean and discovering the historic past of Milos? Then why don’t you treat yourself to a 10-day cruise to Greece?

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