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The Effervescent Beauty of the Volcano in Santorini

Are you daydreaming about your visit to Santorini, the ultimate holiday destination for romantic vacations? Have you been browsing through photos depicting the timeless beauty of the landscapes? The imposing caldera and the lunar shaped beaches of the island have been captured gracefully, highlighting the uniqueness of this place. And for all these distinctive characteristics, it is the volcano in Santorini to “blame”!

An Eternal Battle with Nature

volcano in santorini

Ever since antiquity, Santorini had been closely linked with the presence of the volcano. Its continuous eruptions have led to the carving of the island. It is true that the volcano in Santorini has resulted in the world’s longest caldera. The cliffs seem to have been sculpted by nature’s brute forces. And lava has spread everywhere. During the most intense moments of Theran history, the volcano has always been there. A true protagonist, changing history and setting the basis on which the islanders would thrive over time.

The major eruption of the volcano in Santorini was indeed catastrophic. It took place somewhere between 1642 and 1540 BCE. This is when the ancient settlement of Akrotiri was devastated. The impact of this eruption spread till Crete and even affected Egypt and Cyprus. So it is no wonder why historians refer to it as the Minoan eruption.

Although the volcano in Santorini left absolute chaos back then, at the same time it has been the cause of the island’s rebirth. The volcanic soil became fertile, enabling the locals to grow high quality products. They indulged in wine making, producing some of the finest wine varieties in the world. And there are now world renowned products from Santorini, such as fava and cherry tomatoes, white eggplants and of course Theran grapes. More than that, the waters around the island are therapeutic. Their concentration in sulphur makes them great for healing th body.

Celebrating the Volcano in Santorini

volcano in santorini

The locals have come to appreciate the indisputable power of the volcano. In order to pay tribute to its magnificent, overwhelming power, they organize Ifestia Festival. Every year in September they represent the great Minoan eruption. Boats sail away and illuminate the night sky with fireworks. This is their way to placate the volcano, hoping that it remains dormant. And this has worked perfectly so far!

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