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The Amazing Megalo Chorio in Tilos

Just a few kilometers from Livadia to the north, Megalo Chorio is found. This is the capital of Tilos and the island’s most historic settlement. It is located on the slopes of Agios Stefanos hill and at the top lie the ruins of a Medieval Castle. This was the Castle of Knights, built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John. With the permanent inhabitants summing up to 250, you can imagine just how quaint this village is. Actually, it translates to Large Village, since the locals used to live in a smaller one just a little further away. Once the pirate threats were over, they sighed with relief and went on to enjoy life at Megalo Chorio.

megalo chorio

In the past, the entire village had been protected by the walls of the castle. Up to this moment, the remains of Saint Taxiarches church are found on site. The village was strategically built, along with the castle, to provide smooth observatory of hostile intrusions and keep threats at bay. It is worth noting that the acropolis of the ancient city was once where the Castle is now. So this highlights even more the valued location of Megalo Chorio. Within short distance from the village, you can also visit the cave of Charkadio with the impressive findings of fossils from paleontology.

megalo chorio

Whitewashed houses and light blue shutters, cobbled pathways leading you from one picturesque neighborhood to the next, traditional chapels of great devoutness, blossomed trees and fragrant herbs, hospitable locals and amazing views. And the significant traces of Art at the floor by the Church of Panagia. These are all elements of what Megalo Chorio holds for you in Tilos. Take your time and explore its magic, savoring its distinct flavors and sipping on Greek coffee, along with spoon sweets. This is an experience you will treasure for a lifetime…