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The Alternative Athens in Ano Petralona

Although it is not as elegant as Kolonaki district, Ano Petralona holds a special place in our hearts. This area depicts the true essence of Athenian living, unpretentious and filled with pictures from a different era. An era where romance was genuine, along with the hardships of everyday people and their struggle to survive…Doesn’t that sound authentic and intriguing to elaborate more?

Petralona is divided into Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Petralona. Its name derives from stones and threshing floors. As you may have guessed, this used to be the typical occupation back in the day for people living in the area. They threshed grain to produce flour and sell it. Hard work and mostly underpaid, unfortunately. But there was a lot of love in the area, which brought out a unique atmosphere to cherish.

Ano Petralona

Over the past few years, Ano Petralona has been completely transformed. At first glance, travelers realize that this is no longer a poor suburb. It has progressed into so much more. Always with respect to the district’s history and background, renovation took place. Lovely cafés and restaurants sprang one after the other, while the old ones have been reconstructed. In a magical blend, the present has embraced the future and the outcome has been phenomenal. The entire area has become one of the most popular, alternative sides of Athens. And accommodation, transport and facilities are eloquent proof of that change.

Ano Petralona

This is where you discover the aromas of an older Athens, while still enjoying contemporary services and exceptional entertainment options. Nightlife is vibrant, even though you may also choose to lay back and relax at one of the bars nearby. A slow-paced walk or an adventurous exploration of the quaint neighborhoods, a few hours or a whole weekend, Ano Petralona will definitely compensate you for your choice!