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The Alkyonides: Majestic Sunlight in the Midst of Winter

Right after Christmas and all the way to February, the climatic conditions in Greece are remarkable. Just where you would expect cold days without sun, the temperature rises. And instead of humidity, heavy rainfall and why not some snow, you enjoy spring time! But it is still the midst of winter! So what happens? The secret lies within the Alkyonides. These are the days where Greece gets bathed in warm sun rays and forgets about the cold, dull winter time.

Alkyonides in Mythology


As you may have guessed, the Alkyonides derive from Greek mythology. They are the daughters of Alcyoneus, seven in number. Alcyoneus opposed to Hercules and was killed doing so. This is when his daughters dived into the waters to kill themselves. Instead, they were transformed into kingfishers and became immortal. The carriers of great news of the improvement of weather conditions all over the country. Bright colors on their feathers make these lovely birds stand out among the rest. And this is exactly what the Alkyonides manage to do in the heart of the Greek winter.

The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristoteles (Aristotle) named this phenomenon that takes place every year. Scientifically, the exact location of Greece allows the barometric pressure responsible for warm days in the country. The atmospheric force prevents the winds and allows the temperature to skyrocket. So rather than wearing heavy jackets and always carrying around an umbrella, you may find it difficult to wear long sleeved clothing!

Enjoy the Alkyonides in Greece and relish the beauty of Athens, the mainland or even the islands. It is such a wonderful time of the year and the perfect sneak peek to spring time ahead. Schedule your visit to Greece and just marvel at the unspoiled landscapes and the formidable destinations, 365 days a year!