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Sustainable Vacations: Think Green

It is a growing trend among travelers to aim at reducing their carbon footprint when on vacations. Respect for the planet is definitely applaudable. Especially when it comes to visting places of exquisite wildlife and unique landscapes, one can only feel at awe. The same beauty should be preserved for the next generations, don’t you think so? Given that, sustainable vacations have become extremely popular and now travelers have become conscious and think green!

What Does It Mean to Think Green?

think green

An eco-friendly hotel and the lack of unnecessary carbon emissions is a great start. When appreciating nature, it makes perfect sense why you should do everything within your powers not to spoil its uniqueness. A natural haven, a place of unparalleled natural beauty and ecological value, this is global treasure. What is more, there is a growing need on behalf of people to feel closer to nature. Ecology has become a lot more than a concept. It is a way of life and more travelers have changed their mindset on the perfect holidays.

There are many different places where you can enjoy sustainable vacations in Greece. The whole country has been structured around nature’s generosity. A lodging in a quaint village surrounded by pine trees and orchards sounds great, doesn’t it? No need for air-conditioning or even automobiles to visit places. Just a pair of comfy shoes and an eco-friendly, reusable bottle of water will do! The same goes for the cave-like whitewashed buildings of Santorini. Maintaining the optimal temperature, they offer an invigorating and 100% sustainable vacation.

Besides accommodation itself, many services have been modified over the past few years with a view to environmental benefits. The use of non-toxic detergents and chemicals in cleaning, along with the moderate usage of water and its recycling process, these are amazing ways to protect the environment. Renewable sources of energy provide temperature control and minimize electrical power.

think green

And there are quite a few activities and experiences to treasure, as well. When you think green, you wish to know more about agriculture. So a visit to the local farms and a cooking lesson with nothing but fresh local produce sounds perfect! Wine tasting experiences, hiking in natural trails, even spending a day cleaning a beach or visiting a shelter of wildlife, these are all equally great. And what about traveling to UNESCO World Heritage sites or places of unique environmental significance? A trip to Prespes Lakes will fascinate you. Or have you ever considered birdwatching around Greece?

It takes a change in your mentality, before you can actually make a true change in life. Hopefully, more and more people have become conscious of what has been at stake on the planet. And traveling should not jeopardize the well being of the environment. The world around us is a gift and it should be treated as such. Through sustainable vacations, we will all be able to enjoy the most beautiful places of the Earth while preserving its charms!