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Sunset at the Venetian Castle of Milos

The Venetian Castle of Milos is located on the second highest peak of the island. It offers superb views from above, making it a must-see destination! This is in fact the only landmark depicting the Venetian rule on the island. Situated in Plaka, entrance is free. However, you will need to climb about 200 stairs to get up there. Don’t worry! The view is literally mesmerizing and worth the climb!

Venetian Castle of Milos: Sunset or Sunrise?

Venetian Castle of Milos

Both sound lovely and the experience from the Venetian Castle of Milos is equally breathtaking, morning and afternoon! Of course, it is more achievable to visit the site at sunset. Without the burning sun rays of noon that can cause discomfort, the whole climb is pleasant and refreshing. Especially if you take your time and enjoy the emblematic panoramic views, you will fall in love with the scenery!

Today the castle is uninhabited. Unlike most other castles in Cyclades, no fortifications are used. The houses were used instead of walls. They protected the castle against hostile instruders. At its peak there was the Tower of the Governor. It was otherwise known as the Palace. Below that, the houses of the locals were used as protection.

Half way to the Venetian Castle of Milos, you will be able to visit two churches. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary or Panaghia Skiniotissa and Panaghia Thalassitra. These are part of the island’s history, inviting you to admire them. You can take pictures and light a candle.

For an unforgettable experience at the Castle, you should make sure to visit Milos and enjoy its charms. If you want to combine the sunset views with a visit to the major attractions of Milos, check out the 10 day package from Travel Zone. A wonderful journey starting in Athens and reaching Sifnos, Milos and Santorini. Pure magic!