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Summer at the Peloponnese: must experiences

The Peloponnese is a destination that will please anyone whether it is in winter or summer. This land is very big and can accommodate everyone, those after the latest rends, resort lovers and boutique hotels, campers and foodies, couples and families. These are only some of the reasons why travelling around the Peloponnese in the summer is an unforgettable experience.

Kiparissi: a fishing village – dream

The white stone built houses with the picturesque tile housetops next to the sea make up one of the best hidden gems of the Peloponnese, which is worth every single mile of the long journey. When you are there you will be able to dive in the clean waters of the wide pebble beach of Megali Ammos, the divine chuch of Agia Kiriaki with view of the Aegean, you will try the local handmade past called Goges and fresh fish, while you will walk throught the wonderfully organised hiking routs.

Festival Rythm

Beyond Athens Festival at the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus do not miss the established International Dance Festival of Kalamata and the Koroni Art Festival, the youthfull Melijazz at beautiful Leonidio which will offer you an alternative site seeing-experience through rythm and flavour.

Pik nic at Lousios River

Northen Arcadia has an exquisite charm in the summer, with flowers giving colour at the villages, the frozen raki flowing and the Lousios River calling you for a swim. Just imagine resting under the southing shaddow of a plane tree on a hot summer day, with a book refreshing yourslef with the sound of the running water and the freshness of its texture. Additionally there are plenty of resorts to chose from in the area should want to the night.

Initiation at Ancient Olympia 

One of the most beautiful and important archaeological sites in the world,is that of Ancient Olympia which is worth of walking again should you find yourself in the Peloponnese. You can commence your tour from the Museum of the Olympic Games in order to make the most of the ancient site, which is reaches through a beautiful pedestrian road. On your way back you can enjoy a traditional local meal at on the tavernas.

Boutique Hotel in Mani : Kyrimai

Kyrimai hotel, of Alexandros Kyrimis, was one the primary boutique hospitality atmospheres which matches the atmosphere of Mani. You can enjoy a luxurious stay at on the tower rooms with view of the sea and enjoy the pool with a view of the Cavo Groso, discovering the uniqueness of the history behind this hotel.

West Shore Beaches

The beaches found on the west coast of the Peloponnese are some of the most impressive in the country. The exotic circular Voidokilia, the beaches at Leventoxori are some of those that stand out the most.

Pylos, Methoni and Koroni

Three castles, three seaside towns, dozens of reasons why you should add these destinations on the route of your vacation. From the view the the Niokastro castle of Pylos has to offer the great greek cuisine at the all day beach bar-restaurant Ammothines at Petrochori, whith the crystal clear water and beautiful seaside fortress of Methoni the shore of Messinia combine history with realxed vibes and the conteporary resort style with the new hangouts.


From the contemporary magical stroll at the caste with the renovated joints for coffe or food and the boutique questhouses untill the nearby excursions of Lakonia, Monevasia is ever so popular with a unique hospitality marker. summer is the best season to enjoy this destination.

Porto Heli

The small peninsula at the north-eat of the Peloponnede is accesiible by car in just 2 hours from Athens and is considered one of the standing out Greek Rivieras, not just for the luxurious mansions that surround its shore but also for the enchanting natural landsca[e with the formidable climate. Olive and pine trees and colorfull flowers decorate the surrounding hils as well as the sea shore with the endless turquoise and private bays. It is the perfect spot for relaxing and also for marine sports such as water-ski, diving and sailing in addition to hiking and horse riding. This destination has a lot to offer!

Sophisticated Kardamili

As pictured in the Hollywood film “Before Midnight” satrring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Kardamili is one of the most enchanting seaside summer escapes of the Peloponnese. From the local flavours of the tavernas to the swimming and the all day relaxation at the beach Ritson to the strolls back in time arround the old fortress and the pisturesque archictecture of the stone houses, this is an unforgatable resort.

Wines roads of Nemea

Nemea is famous since antiquity for the harvesting of grapes and the production of fine wine. Today one can roam through the endless vineyards and visit the noumerous family owned wineries to indulge in wine tasting combined with local delicacies.
Kotronas Surprise

The pebbled small harbor of Northeast Mani is great pit stop for swimming. You will find some of the best local food, cooked with traditional recipes and pure locally produced ingredients

Dive in the waterfalls

Inldulge in a luxurious pic nic at the green lagoons formed by the waterfals of Neda at the border of Ilias and Messini and the hidden gem of Polimnio, on the road between Kalamata and Pylos, with waterfalls and lagoons in a green gorge.

The hidden sand beaches of Koroni

These beaches are enjoyed by the locals and are some of the best in the area such as the Peroulia, Gargarou, Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis which are characterized by sand dunes and reeds.