Sulphur Mines in Milos

Located on the eastern part of Milos, there is Paliorema. This is a lovely beach that attracts a lot of visitors on a daily basis. Although it is not as popular as some other beaches on the island, its history is quite unique. In fact, it highlights the past of Milos and offers an insight on the local economy. At least up till the 1960s, sulphur mines in Milos had been flourishing. And there were a lot of miners on the island involved in the excavation of precious minerals.

Now these facilities are abandoned, but they continue giving out the aura of a brisk industry.

Sulphur Mines in Milos: The Glorious Past

sulphur mines in Milos

The geological wealth of the island has resulted in its powerful economy. Sulphur mines in Milos depict the past centuries. Back in the days, the old mine of Victor Melas was established in the area. This is the oldest sulphur mine in entire Greece. It has been in operation for various decades, till it was closed down somewhere in 1960. But it was not until 1978 that the mines were completely shut. Then, the miners had to abandon the facilities and turn to other professions. As a result, the local economy took an incredible beating. And this is why the mining facilities appear neglected. However, the island is now prosperous again and the history of the mines remains vivid.

Of course, Milos is a volcanic island of rich geological value. The ground is home to rare minrals and its abundance is remarkable. On the beach of Paliorema, you will find yellow pebbles. This is an indication of the sulfur. The waters are crystal clear, though. So they create a magical landscape and a special retreat for those in search of watery oasis in Milos.

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