Snowing in Greece!

Greece is world known for the incredible weather, especially during the summer season. When thinking of Greece most of us bring to mind the beautiful caldera of Santorini, with the white houses perched on the rim and crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean sea!

While all of the above is true, there is another beautiful side to the landscapes of Greece; during winter time! Almost every 10 years the citizens of Athens, have the joy to experience snow, in the capital and when it really is something special!

Whereas in Northen West Greece, snow is more common, hence the number of ski resorts that operate during the winter!

This year, a great snow tide went through the entire country, creating breathtaking landscapes!
View of the Parthenon, Athens
Athens Acropolis
Iced trees in Monastiraki, Athens
Frozen at Monastiraki, Athens
Meteora dressed in white snow
Meteora dressed in white snow
Divine Delphi
Santorini dressed in snow !
Skopelos Island
Alonissos Island
Lake Plastiras, Karditsa County