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Silk Museum of Soufli

Housed in the Kourtidis Mansion, the Silk Museum of Soufli reflects one of the most important products in the region. Having survived through the years, silk manufacturing flourished in the 19th century and remains the driving force for local economy. So it definitely ranks among the top attractions when visiting Northern Greece and the surrounding area of this lovely town. It belongs to a network of new thematic museums throughout the country, along with Chios Mastic Museum and a lot more, paying tribute to local cultural heritage.

silk museum of soufli

Delve into the mysteries of producing and hatching the silkworm eggs, along with the different stages of their development. Then see how the cocoons are weaved, cleaned and sorted to produce the invaluable silk, with its threading and dyeing. The entire procedure is elaborate and adds to the value of the end product. As a silk producing center in Greece, Soufli is a notable destination of Northern Greece and Silk Museum of Soufli reflects just that. A place where everything has been carefully collected, sorted and displayed sounds promising, doesn’t it?

silk museum of soufli

Besides items on display, however, what fascinates visitors is the use of documentaries to “weave” together an exciting story that inspires. The entire town is revived through silk production and the outcome is purely mesmeric. Travel back in time and then you will be able to realize the continuity that tradition encompasses and guarantees. And one of the best things about the museum is its collection of clothing and accessories from the 19th and 20th century. A colorful, prestigious and nostalgic journey in the local culture.