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Sikinos: The First Greek Plastic Straw Free Island

Environmental consciousness is a must, especially in modern society with so many imminent dangers surrounding the Earth. Unless something drastic takes place, the damage is going to be irreparable and the stakes are too high to ignore! Under this perspective, initiatives such as the one taken by Sikinos island in Greece should be applauded. More specifically, Sikinos is going to become the first Greek plastic straw free island in the country. Hopefully, more will follow!

Sikinos: No More Plastic


A world free of plastic might sound impossible. However, there are alternatives to be used. In the case of straws, there is no reason why a cafe or any household cannot use biodegradable straws. As a result, the impact on the environment will be significantly lower. It will be minimum, if any. The carbon footprint is improved at once, meaning that the environment takes a deep breath of fresh air.

Sikinos is a beautiful island, a part of the Cyclades complex and a small hidden gem of the Aegean. Now it will not only be world famous for its whitewashed buildings and the dramatic views from the cliffs. The island becomes a pioneer and the inhabitants show the rest of the world how it is done. How all people should focus on what is good for the environment and act accordingly.


How about visiting the secluded beaches of Sikinos or delve in its majestic landscapes? And whatever you do, do not forget to avoid polluting and empowering the movement set in motion by the “Sea Change”. Such actions should be used as an example, a beacon of hope. More will take place in the near future, covering more islands in Greece and raising awareness to the people. The planet deserves our attention, after all!