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Sikinos Beaches Popping out of a Fairytale

Sikinos is a wonderful little island of Cyclades, to this day unspoiled by mass tourism. Therefore, it offers guests the opportunity to indulge in truly relaxing vacations and enjoy every moment, in perfect alignment with nature’s bliss. If you are looking for the ultimate getaway from the crowds and the noise, if you are in love with the laid-back atmosphere of the islands, then Sikinos beaches will definitely be the highlight of your stay.

sikinos beaches

First of all, Alopronia beach is located in the heart of the island and is indeed the largest beach of Sikinos. It is family friendly due to the relatively shallow waters and features several taverns and accommodation options nearby. This is of course the most easily accessible beach on the island and most travelers visit it, at least once. Then, there is Dialiskari beach. Situated northeast of Alopronia, this is a beach of soft white sand and turquoise waters. You may access the area either by boat or following a lovely path that takes you all the way to the seashore.

sikinos beaches

Moving on with the finest Sikinos beaches, Agios Georgios is located on the eastern part of the island and provides an idyllic setting. Pure golden sand mixed with few pebbles compose the perfect canvas, on which to paint your experiences through footsteps. It is great that you can find some trees, offering their generous shade for your diving activities and for when you do not want to soak up any more sun. A little more on the northeastern side, we also meet Malta beach. Starting out from the Kastro settlement, there is a trail that guides you to the bay of Malta. It is quite secluded and there are no umbrellas or other facilities. Once you are prepared with water and food supplies, however, this is a place not to be missed in Sikinos!