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All senses gastronomy : gastronomical experience in Athens

All Senses Gastronomy, situated in one of the most buzzing coastal suburbs of Glyfada, is one of the few restaurants not just in Greece but in the world, that offers the multi-sensory kitchen experience. It offers a complete experience that not only arouses all senses (taste, smell, hearing, seeing) but also triggers memories and emotions.

On a very special dining table for 12 people, a unique order of serving takes place as the menu is set and is divided in 3 courses, the ODC12 in 12 stages, ODC16 in 16 stages and ODC24 in 24 stages. Everything is served at precise timing for the entire table.


The area is a motion picture made of scenes based on Hellenic nature that intertwine depending on the dish that you have in front of you. The atmosphere keeps changing, since you are experiencing a virtual reality experience transferring you from the countryside to the eternal Aegean blue sea, depending on the ingredients of each dish. The prochuto at the maturing chamber, the shrimp at the sea and the wild boar in a snowing landscape.

The menu is set by the famous Danish chef Ronny Emborg, who hold a very impressive bio and the interesting factor is that greek ingridients and greek colour lead the dishes. It is about a kitchen that uses modern techniques in the philosophy of raw and slow food.

Your meal can be combined either with the assertive glasses of Greek wine or the choice of fresh juice that are prepared in the premises of the restaurant with characteristic vegetables or fruit that mach your meal in flavor.