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Santorini : The traditional local products!

Santorini is with no doubt one of the most famous islands of the Aegean!

Apart from the breathtaking views and unique landscape one will find very special products growning from its volcanic soil. Here we introduce you to the Traditional Local Products of Santorini you must not miss!

Santorini Fava

Φάβα Σαντορίνης

The Fava of Santorini is very popular due its delicious flavour, silky texture and easy cooking. It is considered the highest quality of fava pees. The fava bean is a type of pees which according to archaeologists has been cultivated on Santorini for more than 3.500 years!

According to tradition, the seed is planted on the 21st December and by April the plant grows its flower. The flower is then gathered and dried to reveal the seed! Next step in the process is to dry the seed and process it in half.

The Fava of Santorini is a trademark of traditional product since 2011 and has an exceptionally high nutritional value, rich in fiber.

Traditionally it is boiled and eaten in combination with onion, tomato and caper and it can also be served as a side dish.

Santorini Baby Tomatoe “Ntomataki”

ντοματάκι Σαντορίνης

The baby tomato growing on Santorini is a very special kind originating from Egypt thousands of years ago. The Santorinian soil in combination with the weather made this kind to flourish and become one of the trademarks of the local cuisine as it has a very distinct flavor and fragrance.

Traditionally the locals used to sun-dry the tomato in order to preserve it and use it during the winter and this type of processing took place at home.At 1926 the first Santorini tomato processing factory was created helping to spread this quality product worldwide.

Since 2013 the Baby Tomato of Santorini has been added in the European Comission Catalogue of Products with Protected Originin.

Santorini Caper

Caper is a product that one comes accross quite often in most of the Aegean islands, in the weirdest of places. Sometimes hanging by a rock, others bursting through cement as well as nooks and crannies.

This exquisite flavor of the Byzantine cuisine has dominated its presence in the traditional Aegean cuisine. It is served in the salad and is also used to spice many dishes such as traditional Santorinian Fava!


Chlorotiri Cheese


The traditional local cheese of Santorini is called “Chlorotiri” and it is made of goat or sheep milk. It is creamy and slightly sour and you will be very lucky to come across it while you are there! It is produced in very small quantities from local producers and therefore hard to find!

Photographs Credits Source: http://www.greekgastronomyguide.gr/