Santorini : Oia Sunset

The mesmerizing Oia Sunset

The Oia sunset at the Castle is the most famous place of sightseeing! It is said that the best sunset view of Santorini, Oia sunset can be seen from the Castle. Most of the visitors gather to the Castle area before the sunset preparing their cameras or embracing their beloved persons and gaze to the west waiting for the sun to start curving towards the sea.

Oia Castle sunset
People gathered at Oia Castle waiting for the sunset

Then, the sky seems to have been painted with various colors like yellow and orange which turn to pink and then purple as it gets dark and the sun becomes a small glittering dot in the very point where these colors meet each other, get mixed and turn to white! The scenery is incredible… Sometimes, the steam from the sea makes the atmosphere slightly dim as if wrapping it with a diaphanous veil.

Oia Santorini sunset
Oia Santorini sunset

Everybody is trying to enjoy every single moment of that spectacular natural phenomenon during which the colors have their own party! Most of the spectators are trying to capture as much as possible of it in order to keep the remembrance alive for ever. However, no picture can transfer the majesty of the original sunset of Santorini. This is the reason for which the Castle gets so crowdy during the sunset time.

Oia sunset
Santorini sunset Oia

After the colors performance the sky gets dark and the houses are lightened. The moon let its silver rays get reflected in the black sea while the villages sparkle in the darkness. Santorini keeps being charming even after the sunset!

Oia Santorini at night
Oia Santorini at night