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Samothraki Thermal Springs

Samothraki or else Samothrace is a beautiful island of the Northern Aegean Sea, filled with evergreen forests and splendid waterfalls, along with natural pools. It is an island world renowned for its absolute serenity and peacefulness, adding to the unspoiled natural beauty and the mesmeric landscapes. In this idyllic environment, Samothraki thermal springs allow visitors to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the water while vacationing in a place of rare beauty and charms.

samothraki thermal springs

Although the Spa facilities have been left unexploited for a long time, there are continuous efforts to modernize them and offer those seeking wellness tourism of high quality another reason to visit the island. Even now, there is a Spa hydrotherapy institution in daily operation from June to October. On site, you will find two different pools that are separated according to gender. The Spa is located at Therma settlement, on the northern part of the island. And right by the Spa, there are four thermal springs that you can reach for free. Just be careful, as they are of quite limited in size and you should check the temperature prior to diving in. It is true that water temperature stretches from 40 up to 100 degrees Celsius and you can see how the latter can be hurtful. And do not get tempted by the superb surroundings and the views from within the pools!

samothraki thermal springs

Once you visit the island, you should find the time to schedule your therapeutic plunge into these waters. Samothraki thermal springs are rich in sulfur and other minerals, treating a number of diseases and providing that precious feeling of utter euphoria. Try it out; upon diving into these waters, you will instantly feel different. And even hours after leaving (because you cannot stay within the water for a long time, a few minutes or up to half hour), that sense of relaxation will stay with you for long!