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Romantic Moments at Folegandros Chora

For those of you in search of the most romantic experiences, Cyclades is the best option! Whitewashed buildings and outstanding views to the Aegean. Clear blue skies and starlit nights, with the full moon mirrored on the water. Shimmering waves and chromatic blends of orange, purple and yellow at sunset. These all sound amazing, right? At Folegandros Chora, you are introduced to the fine Cycladic dream and still maintain the laid-back atmosphere of an unspoiled paradise. This is the largest settlement of the island, offering an extraordinary place to nature enthusiasts and those seeking the ultimate romantic destination.

Experiencing the Wonder at Folegandros Chora

folegandros chora

Strolling up and down the paved streets is soothing. Holding hands, you will have the opportunity to explore the neighborhoods and indulge in non-stop picture taking! Everything is beautiful in this special place on Earth. From the bougainvilleas to the basil pots all around. From the blue shutters and doors to the phenomenal views from atop. Folegandros Chora boasts exquisite views to the sea and the horizon far away. 200 meters above sea level will do the trick, for sure!

From the sheer cliffs, the buildings look like they are hanging on top of the water. And there are houses over 1,000 years old at Kastro (the Castle)! History at its finest moment here in Chora, with Panagia Church standing tall in its all-whiteness right above. If you had to characterize the stylistic approach of Folegandros Chora, Medieval would be the perfect word. However, it is much more than that. It is a splendid fusion of the Medieval elements along with Cycladic charm and the creativity of the islanders.

folegandros chora

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