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Rhodes Kallithea Thermal Springs

Located in the northeastern part of the island, Kallithea is one of the best known places in Rhodes. Famous even in antiquity and during the Dorian Hexapolis back in 700 BC, Kallithea used to attract travelers from all over the Mediterranean. The thermal springs have been identified as extremely beneficial, in cases of chronic pain and aches in the joints and muscles. Even diseases that could not be treated otherwise found some sort of cure, through the warm waters that were filled with natural minerals and precious substances.


The thermal springs of Kallithea had launched their contemporary services in the 20th century and more specifically in 1929. The Italians well understood how valuable this place was and created a wonderful environment, where people could seek help and relax in a naturally soothing habitat. The water had been analyzed as to its therapeutic properties and did not fail the Italians. Designed by the Italian architect Pietro Lombardi, the entire complex is a sight for sore eyes. Even though its operation ceased in 1967, the springs have since been restored and are now in full operation.


The distinctive red water splurging from the rocks is invaluable to mankind. The entire area has turned into an architectural wonder over the years. Now visitors have the opportunity to admire the superb mosaics, the atrium and the round fountain, the pergola that is filled with bougainvilleas and the arch stretching up to 14 meters high, the colorful decorated glass and the evergreen gardens. It is an experience to treasure, for sure. And Kallithea springs can be regarded not only as a therapeutic hideaway in the Mediterranean.It also features great swimming facilities, as well as a cafeteria and diving school for those who wish to explore life under water.