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Register now for the 1st “Patmos Revelation” Sports Event!

The 1st Patmos Revelation is a new sports tourism event in Greece that includes swimming and running and will be held between June 30 and July 2 on one of the world’s most historic and holy islands: Patmos. It is organized by the Municipality of Patmos in cooperation with the Region of South Aegean and Active Media Group.

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Aiming to promote Patmos as a sports tourism destination, the 1st Patmos Revelation will host Greek Olympic and world champions, youngsters and adults, professional and amateur athletes and will include running and open water swimming races.

“Patmos Revelation” will include a 5km running route (starting from Skala, following the coastal route to Grikos and returning to Skala) and a 15km running route (starting from Skala, following the coastal route to Grikos, crossing the town of Chora and return to Skala). The unique routes have been designed and edited by the top director of All About Running, Nikos Polias.


Regarding open water swimming, this route is designed by the Federal Technical Coach of Swimming Nikos Gemelos (coach with countless distinctions in the Olympic Games and World Championships in open water swimming), and will be held at Grikos Bay. Swimmers will have to cover a 1 mile (1.6 km) distance.

“Patmos Revelation” will be held for good cause, as part of its revenue will be given for the support of Patmiada Ecclesiastical School (Patmiada of the Genus Ecclesiastical School).

The aim of the “Patmos Revelation” is to highlight the element of sports tourism and attract as many tourists as possible to participate and compete in the event and also experience the sacred island’s history.


According to the organizers, a full entertainment package is available for participants that will leave them wonderful memories from the holy island that was home to Ioannis the Theologian.

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