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The Quaint Chorio in Symi

Chorio literally translates to Village in Greek. This is the upper village of the island, starting exactly where Gialos ends. It is also called Ano Symi, which is exactly Upper Symi. Boasting picturesque traditional houses of neoclassic feel and vivid colors, the village is accessed upon climbing Kali Strata. Of course, this is not a climb for everyone; it consists of 450 steps! You can climb on foot or use the donkeys as transportation. However, the view from the village is spectacular and it offers travelers the absolute sense of tranquility. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay with mesmeric vistas to the Aegean and the rest of Symi, then you have just hit the jackpot!


Even though it is far from the harbor and Gialos, Chorio still maintains a vibrant lifestyle. There are various restaurants, traditional taverns and bars and most of them are found by the main square. At the top, you will reach the ruins of the ancient acropolis with the castle. The former dates back to antiquity, whereas the latter has been built by the Venetian knights in the Medieval times. It is unfortunate that most of the fortress and the church that used to stand there tall have not survived through the centuries. In fact, the Italians destroyed everything upon leaving the island during World War II through a huge explosion. But still, exploring the ruins is an experience on its own and you should not miss out on that. In addition, Chorio offers you the chance to see some cute churches and the old pharmacy, which has now been renovated and transformed into a doctor’s surgical operation site. There is also a museum and of course you are most welcome to walk through the cobbled pathways to admire the mansions and especially Hatziagapitos House from the 18th century.


You will also have the opportunity to admire the windmills at the village. They are not in operation, apparently. But they still offer you a glance at the island’s history. A day at Chorio will give you that special vibe of Symi and make you feel like a local. So make sure to find some time and squeeze that visit in, even if you are not staying at one of the lodgings in the area.