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Pyrgi Chios: The Painted Village

Have you ever heard of the “Painted Village”? On the lovely island of Chios, Pyrgi is a picturesque village with intense Medieval influence that is head of Mastichochoria. This means that it is the head village among those, where mastic is cultivated. Mastic Villages are all part of the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. As you may already know, mastic is the most famous local product in Chios and it has been referred to as “healing tears of mastic trees”. But other than that, what makes Pyrgi so special?


Well, first of all it is the fact that Pyrgi has remained intact over the centuries. Even the major earthquakes that have shaken the island and caused great destruction have left it unchanged. The village is located approximately 25 kilometers from the capital of Chios and features a tall tower of 18 meters. What is impressive about the architecture is that the facade of each building has been decorated with grey and white geometrical patterns. This is an art form known as Xista or else Sgraffito and comes from Genoa in Italy. The houses are really tight together, literally shaping a protective wall in every neighborhood. As a result, locals could hide themselves in case of threats and remain safe.


Discover the magic beauty of Pyrgi in Chios, with the flowery balconies and the perfect motifs on the walls, the quaint cafes and the three churches (one dating back to the 13th century, the Byzantine temple of Agioi Apostoloi). the arches and vaults, the cobbled streets and the warmly hospitable locals. You will be mesmerized, for sure!