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Protomagia 2018: Celebrating Flowers & International Workers’ Day

Have you ever been to Greece during Protomagia or May 1st? Well, this is a wonderful day all over the country. Not only do locals pay tribute to the workers, who have fought for human rights. This is aninternational celebration, which is absolutely respected in Greece. In fact, there are several events taking place in the heart of each city for this occasion. It is general strike, meaning that nobody works on this day. But as mentioned above, for Greeks Protomagia signifies something more.

Protomagia: A Day Dedicated to Nature


Spring is filled with colors and aromas. Flowers bloom and trees get their green coat on. The sun is shining and there is nothing reminding people of the dullness and dark shades of winter. It is time to smile, laugh and feel good. And this is why this day is also dedicated to flowers and their beauty.

Greeks usally go out and enjoy the day in the open air. Literally everywhere you will find people trying to preserve the major custom of May 1. They are making a May flower wreath, with the intention of hanging it outside their door. The typical flowers used for making such wreaths are daisies. However, you can use anything you like. Poppies and roses, carnations and even lilacs and gardenias.


Apart from that, Protomagia is a special day when kids and adults alike come closer to nature. This day acts like a reminder of what people in the cities miss out on. The beauty lies in simplicity and nature teaches us that.

Throughout Greece, flower festivals take place during this time. In Athens, Kifissia Flower Show is the most popular event. But anywhere around the country, you are bound to meet those Greeks making the wreath for their home. Join them and be part of a long-lasting custom of Greece!