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Portitsa Bridge: A Majestic Landmark

If you are a nature enthusiast, you will definitely adore Portitsa Bridge. A great landmark between in Grevena! Between Spilaio and Lykotripa (Cave and Wolf Hole), a gorge stretches. The bridge stands tall and serves the needs of the locals to pass through the gorge. This is in fact the end of Aliakmon River, which is the largest river in Greece.

History of Portitsa Bridge

portitsa bridge

The bridge was built in 1743 AD, with the help of the monastery of Spilaio. The offerings were used to ensure resources. As a result, the construction of Portitsa Bridge was successful. People could then cross the river and visit the mainland with ease. It is made of solid stone and boasts two distinct arches. Located in the picturesque, evergreen Kanavi Valley, the bridge provides the ultimate scenery.

The gorge created by two tall mountains creates a breathtaking picture. The canvas is amazing and visitors use Portitsa Bridge to cross the river or even take pictures. The bridge has been well preserved, as a local monument depicting the history of the wider area. You will find mainland Greece impressive, with arched bridges like that of Portitsa Bridge and gorge. A wonderful experience for those in search of exceptional monuments of tradition and history!