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Polydrosos On The Shade Of Parnassos

On the northern side of Parnassos Mountain, at an altitude of almost 400 meters, Polydrosos is a village where time stands still and where the locals welcome you in their warm embrace with a genuine smile. This is a destination filled with natural beauty and treasures that have not been exploited for the sake of profit. It is a quite little village with stone houses, cobbled pathways and fragrant gardens. The neighborhoods are scenic, along with the central square and the plane trees that have been there since the beginning of time.


The village of Polydrosos (meaning Greatly Cooling in Greek), lies within short distance from Delphi archaeological site and the ski resorts of Parnassos. So whether you are a nature enthusiast in pursuit of the ultimate green scenery or a snow buff in search of modern snowboarding and skiing facilities, here is the right place for you. As you will come to realize, there are also many other little villages a breath from the settlement and they all hold unique gifts for you to enjoy. One of the main attractions in Polydrosos is of course the three-arched water fountain that will cool you down with the crystalline water flowing, after a long day strolling around.


Hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching, horseriding by the river and literally any activity that involves the unspoiled environment and the wonderful surroundings of the wider region, these are all elements that add to a splendid experience. And finally, within just a few miles you can reach the historic Gravia Inn, where the famous battle took place during the Greek War of Independence. Stop by and admire the ambiance, in a place where modern history was written for the Greeks.