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Beaches of a Fairytaile in Ionian Paxi!

Paxi, actually a cluster of islands, the biggest of which are Paxos and Antipaxos, are the ideal destination for popular and organized or tranquil and almost naturalist beaches, marvelous waters and magical coasts! The islands are ideal for beach explorations with a sailing boat or a yacht, as their coastline is laced with around 40 small coves and bays, all offering remarkable natural beauty and wild sceneries.


Sea caves such as Mogonissi (the caverns of the Sea Nymphs according to the bishop Paramythias Athinagoras), Tripitos with its natural stone bridge, the cliff of Mousmouliou, the Ortholithos – a magical rock formation standing in the middle of the sea), Ahai with its continual caves, the impressive cliff of Erimitis (don’t miss out the sunset from Agii Apostoli in Boikatika in the area of Magazia, with a view of the cliff ) and the cave of Ipapantis are sights of unique natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

paxi caves

“Spiantzes”, namely the beaches of Paxi are mostly of small in size and pebbly with clean transparent and emerald waters. The most impressive are those of Gianna, Soulanenas, Balou, Agia Marina at sandy Mogonissi, Kloni Gouli, Kamini, Kaki Lagada, Alati, Levrehio. Moreover, walk in Marmari, walk in the wood of Orkos, dive in the beautiful sea bottom of Avlaki, and explore the biggest Kipiadi beach of the island. On Antipaxos, dive in the clear, turquoise water and sandy beaches of Vrika & Voutoumi, as well as the pebbly deserted beaches of Rodovani and Sarakiniko, accessible only by boat. For a detailed view of the beaches, put your swimming costume and take notes below!


Laka Beaches

harami beach lakka

Lakka settlement is located at the north coast of Paxi and it is a popular spot for yachts and small boats because its natural port provides good protection from the winds. The beaches Harami and Kanoni are set on the west side of the cove of Lakka. The sea bed is not steep, the waters are calm and it is full of natural shade by trees. It is ideal for families as, apart from the calm waters, the place has all of the amenities at a close distance.



Mongonisi is a small islet located almost 4 km south from Gaios and is connected by a small, pretty narrow, bridge with the island of Paxi. The road to the beach is located just after the bridge. The shore is small, sandy with calm cool waters deepening gently. Swimming in this cove surrounded by the beautiful green scenery is an exciting experience of absolute tranquility. A small tavern is to be found near the beach.



After a few minutes’ walk from Levrechio beach on the east coast north from Gaios and passing through the olive groves, you will find the hidden but worthwhile gem of Marmari. Alternatively, you can take the road from Gaios to the north (Loggos) and follow the road to the pebbled coast line. One of the two coves found after Levrechio to the south is Kipos and Levrechio. The beaches are quite tranquil and quiet and also full of natural shade.

Kaki Langada

framed beach

Just a few km north from Gaios on the east coast and easily accessible by the main road you will find this small, sheltered pebbly beach. Kaki Langada is ideal for total relaxation, offers abundant natural shade and an unforgettable swimming experience in clear cool waters.



Just a few meters away of the picturesque Loggos village, this white pebbled beach is located almost 7 km north from Gaios on the east coast of Paxi and is one of the most popular beaches of Paxi. Its deep crystal clear blue waters are suitable for snorkelling and diving, surrounded by a natural green landscape.



The most famous, cosmopolitan and thus quite crowded beach of Paxi, is located on the east coast of the island about 8 km north from Gaios. The shore is large and pebbled with deep crystal waters. The place is well organized, offering water sports and all the necessary amenities. Various smaller coves are nearby to explore in case you need to swim to a more private beach.



On the north coast of Antipaxi, just about 10-15 minutes away from Gaios by boat, you will find the famous, sandy Vrika beach mixed by magnificent emerald green – blue colors. The beach has shallow crystal clear waters, so is ideal for children. Two nice taverns nearby will feed your appetite.



Voutoumi beach is located to the wind protected, same name picturesque bay in Antipaxos, offering a fine pebbled coast with fantastic turquoise waters, surrounded by large imposing cliffs. The beach is also ideal for families due to its shallow waters and it is recommended for snorkelling. A tavern nearby is the only thing that is found in the area.



Between the most popular Voutoumi and Vrika beaches, Mesovrika is located also on island of Antipaxos, with an astonishing view of across Paxos.  The coast is pebbled and large rocks are scattered to some of its parts, while tranquility and the sense of privacy dominates. Note that there are no facilities on the beach apart from the small taverns at Vrika and Voutoumi.



On the east coast of Paxi about 7 km north from Gaios and after Kontogiannatika village to the east, it is located a pebbled beach with beautiful clear turquoise waters. It is engulfed in a beautiful cove with lush vegetation of olive, cypress and pine trees. It is not easily accessible as you have to walk a little from the dirt road, after parking your car, but the secluded spot of beauty and total calmness worth it! Otherwise, you can reach Kipiadi beach by boat.


Pounda beach is located at the eastern coast of Paxos, a little southern from the picturesque Longos village. The beach is accessible by a small path, off the main road. Pounda is a secluded, amazing beach, ideal for couples. It is completely unorganized, so don’t forget to bring with you all the necessary supplies.


Just 500m south from Gaios on the road to Mongonisi you will find Plakes beach, surrounded by stony plates, right next to the sea. Plakes is a pebbled beach with clear waters while if you follow the coastal road to the south, you will meet another small, hidden Spiatza beach.

Agios Nikolaos


Agios Nikolaos is the small islet located across Gaios, with a secluded, amazing beach, ideal for nature lovers and absolute tranquility. It is accessible by boat and it comes with no amenities, as is called a green, natural paradise.


loggos 2

Longos beach is the coast of the homonymous, picturesque village, on the north eastern part of Paxi. The beach is quite small, easily accessible and ideal for families. The beach is not an organized one but many taverns and other amenities are to be found nearby.