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Panagia Limnia Church in Skiathos

Have you ever been to Skiathos? Then you cannot have missed the emblematic Panagia Limnia Church. Its impressive bell tower stands tall. So it is visible from the entire city of Skiathos. You can see the church from the old harbor, overlooking the Aegean.

Panagia Limnia

Panagia Limnia

Panagia Limnia was built around 1800 AD. So it is one of the oldest, largest and most popular churches on the island. Some people place its establishment in 1838 AD. Others note that the first building is as old as 1790. There are quite a few notable icons in the interior of the church. Another fact is perhaps most important. The remains of Alexandros Papadiamatis are kept at Panagia Limnia. Don’t you know about Papadiamantis? He was one of Skiathos’ best writers and a monk. His love for the church and Skiathos is omnipresent in his work.

Panagia Limnia refers to the Virgin of the Lake. It is located in a hilly area. The area is called Plakes. The name derives from the first inhabitants of Plakes. These people came to Skiathos from Lake Limnia.  A different name is Apano Panagia or else Upper Virgin. Due to its location, it was determined as an upper church. Of course, the view from above is mesmerizing and justifies the name.

At night, the bell tower is illuminated. The spectacle is amazing. The church becomes visible from every part of the town. Travelers take pictures or enjoy the scenery. Surrounded by nature’s bliss, the church is a sight for sore eyes.

Explore Skiathos

Discover the hidden beauties of Skiathos. Do not just take our word for them! Besides Panagia Limnia, there is so much more. You will be able to visit equally extraordinary churches. But the island is not only famous for its religious character. Some of the world’s most impressive beaches can be found here. Lalaria, Banana, Maratha, Vasilias and so many other attractions. All inviting you to some unforgettable trips to Skiathos!