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Ouzo Barbayanni Museum: The Jewel of Plomari

Celebrating an impressive 150-year family tradition of ouzo making, Ouzo Barbayanni Museum is a wonderful place where tradition meets modernity. The continuance of ouzo making on the island of Lesvos is highlighted through the cutting-edge facilities, standing side by side with the traditional equipment dating back to 1860. In fact, every ouzo connoisseur should visit the museum at least once in their life, in order to find out more about this form of art and see from up close the historic traces of such a glorious story. The story of ouzo in Lesvos, the story of Barbayanni family and the evolution of something deeply traditional into a blend of the past and the future.

ouzo barbayanni museum

Located in the picturesque settlement of Plomari, Ouzo Barbayanni Museum is a real masterpiece. This is where you can find the first tools that had been used for bottling and labeling the bottles with the famous blue label. In addition, you will see the very first cauldron produced in Istanbul and this is where the first ouzo from the family was produced. Everything within the museum brings out memories and sparks emotions. Nostalgia is evident all around, as well as the rememberance of those who have paved the way for an extraordinary tradition in Lesvos.

ouzo barbayanni museum

Ouzo tasting is available on site, along with a welcoming center and audiovisual guided tours in both Greek and English. Expressing the love and passion of Barbayannis family, this museum depicts 150 years in a single place. Of course, the distilleries of the family are found within a short walking distance from the museum and this highlights a great truth about ouzo making. You can never move forward without first realizing where you had started and what your dreams are. And the taste of ouzo is well worth the efforts, sip by sip…