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Outdoor Cinema: A Splendid Way to Enjoy Greek Nights

The smell of jasmine in the air, blended with the aromas of freshly popped, buttery pop corn. The sun has just started its descent, spreading its marvelous colors all around. And the sky is enchanting, literally forcing you to go out and enjoy nature. If you are a cinema enthusiast, Greece has a lot to offer and especially during summer. It is at that time when Greek outdoor cinema (or open-air movie theater) opens its doors to the public.

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Outdoor Cinema: A Spectacle to Treasure

Imagine an old terrace or the rooftop of an old multi-storey house. This is the home of most outdoor cinema options you get in Athens. Renovated neoclassical mansions and of course gardens and back yards also host the marvels of cinema. Everything resembles a more laid-back atmosphere, a more innocent era long time ago. The seats are comfortable, sometimes paired along with a lovely table for guests to enjoy their drinks.

As for the films on display? Well, there is something for everyone! From classics and film noir movies to blockbusters, kids’ movies and musicals. You can check out festivals taking place during summer in Greece, offering you the chance to watch true gems of film making.

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But let’s face it; most people do not choose the outdoor cinema because of the film. It is a genuine experience of romance and nostalgia in Greece. A way to travel with your mind to a different time, where everything was simpler and less chaotic than today. This is why the open-air movie theater has so many fans. On a cool summer night, what can be more appealing than an iced cold beer and a movie on display outdoors? We cannot think of many things that could beat such an experience on such lovely evenings – Or can you?