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The Ottoman Magnificence of Osman Shah Mosque

In the city of Trikala lies one of the famous examples of Ottoman architecture in Greece. Koursoum Mosque or Osman Shah Mosque is a prominent historic monument of mainland Greece, surviving to this day. It is still unknown when the mosque was built. It has been estimated somewhere between 1550 and 1560. The mosque is one of the top 16-th century mosques built in Greece. It is imposing in its looks and highlights the glamor and devoutness of the Ottomans residing in the area.

History of Osman Shah Mosque

Osman Shah Mosque Koursoum Mosque

Osman Shah Mosque was built by Kara Osman Pasha in Trikala. This is not the only building that he erected, though. It was part of a group of buildings, aimed at facilitating the life of the locals. The charitable institutions were greatly appreciated by the people of Trikala. However, not many of them are saved nowadays. Koursoum Mosque was named that way, due to the material used for its dome. Koursoum means lead in Turkish.

The Grand Architect Mimar Sinan built the mosque, along with 78 more in his life. In Trikala there were at least seven more mosques. Nevertheless, only Osman Shah Mosque has survived. According to the legend, Kara Osman Pasha was cured in Trikala by an illness that had been troubling him. So this is the reason why he built the mosque.

As for its influence, it directly reminds of the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople. Inside visitors have the opportunity to enjoy rich collections of artefacts from the wider area of Trikala. It is also worth noting that Kara Osman Pasha was buried in an octagonal mausoleum adjacent to Osman Shah Mosque.

It is definitely worth a visit to the mosque, when traveling to Trikala and the mainland. In this way, you will be able to admire one of the renowned Sinan’s masterpieces! And don’t forget the imposing Mount Koziakas and other nature’s masterpieces in the area!