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The Open Air Water Power Museum

Powered by the force of the water, the Open Air Water Power Museum highlights the importance of renewable sources of energy. Located in the picturesque village of Dimitsana, the museum is surrounded by lush greenery and provides the ultimate scenery for invigorating moments. Listening to the sound of the water is relaxing on its own; let alone when it is combined with such an amazing place filled with practical knowledge as an homage to a long tradition. As one of the main pre-industrial techniques of generating energy, the museum has restored traditional installations and water-powered mechanisms and sheds light to an important driving force for the local society.

open air water power museum

There are workshops featuring a flour mill and a tannery. At the former, children will have the chance to throw corn kernels and watch them being transformed into flour. The latter includes a journey through time, when the animal leather was processed manually in a long and tiring way. Among the most important parts of the Open Air Water Power Museum is that of the gunpowder mill. Back in the War of Independence in 1821, the Greeks were in desperate need for gunpowder. This was the only way to defeat their rulers and Dimitsana provided that invaluable ingredient that fueled their hopes and dreams for independence. With the force of water, the Greeks won their freedom.

open air water power museum

Your visit to the museum will be ideally combined with a visit to the Lousios Gorge or a quiet stroll in nature. The entire scenery is purely mesmerizing. In this restored industrial facilities, you will get to see how technology influenced the daily life of the locals and how nature has kept its balance over time. A truly wonderful thing to see, without a doubt…