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‘Olympia Golden Beach’ Certified with Travelife Gold Award

The Olympia Golden Beach Resort & Spa, located in the region of Ilia in western Peloponnese, once again received the Travelife Gold Award for applying and further promoting sustainable development practices.

The company succeeded in meeting the requirements of the Travelife certification system, by using environmentally friendly products, by adopting recycling practices and by constantly educating its employees on environmental issues.


Moreover, it has been collaborating with local producers in an effort to reduce gas emissions, support the local economy and also provide its guests with an authentic local gastronomic experience and high quality services.

Focusing on the human factor, the company sees that a large number of employees come from the local community, while it is also supporting local public benefit organizations.


An international sustainability certification scheme for hotels and accommodations, Travelife helps enterprises improve their environmental, economic and social impact by reducing energy and water consumption, by supporting local communities and businesses, by promoting human rights, child protection and employee welfare. The Travelife Gold Award enables hotel and accommodation enterprises easily communicate their achievements to clients.

Travelife Ltd. is a subsidiary of ABTA, the UK’s leading association of travel agents and tour operators.

(Source: GTP)