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Olympia from above

Olympia is the cradle of the Olympic Games. Located on the Elis peninsula on the Western Peloponnese, In the antiquity, Olympia was a religious center with a famous sanctuary dedicated to Zeus. Today not much of the once glorious town is left. However, the archeological site of ancient Olympia is one of the most interesting to visit. The interesting history of Olympia in combination with the unparalleled beauty of the location will take your breath away.
The fabdrone team has created a unique video capturing the beauty of Olympia…from above. Using the latest drone video technology, the team captured the whole area where once the ancient Olympia was spread. In less than 3 minutes their video shows us the remains of the ancient stadium, the palestra and Leonideum as well as the temples of Hera and Zeus from a new, unique angle.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d73yDLJ86ZI[/embedyt]

Travel Zone Greece has designed a special Olympic Games tour package. It includes a visit to Olympia the birthplace of the original Olympic Games as well as other important sites, monuments and museums connected with the ancient and modern history of Olympics.
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