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Nisyros Thermal Springs

Fierce nature offers a unique spectacle in Nisyros, as the sizzling hot temperatures emerge from deep underground and shape Nisyros thermal springs. There are three therapeutic springs scattered across the island, providing the ultimate retreat to those who wish to combine pleasure with healing properties. Ranging from 30 all the way up to 60 degrees or more, the water in these thermal springs soothes and rejuvenates. As you are dipping within the crystalline waters, you immediately feel a sense of euphoria overwhelming you. You close your eyes and let go of the tension, discomfort or even chronic pain…It is an experience to treasure, without a doubt!

nisyros thermal springs

Hot springs in Nisyros are found in Loutra, Thermiani and Avlaki. Loutra is probably the most famous spring of them all, located within short distance from Mandraki. There you may indulge in therapeutic sessions in the water that reaches 45 degrees. People suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and skin conditions will find themselves truly relieved and this is a gift on its own. Then, Thermiani  is one of the Nisyros thermal springs that have been evidenced since antiquity. Roman baths have been found there, at least ruins and inscriptions proving their past glory. Water here is a mere 33 degrees, but it is equally refreshing and healing. And finally, Avlaki in Nikia consists of truly warm water that reaches 60 degrees.

nisyros thermal springs

Ever since ancient times, the value of hot springs has been identified. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, has praised the importance of dipping within the warm water to heal one’s body from disease. Certainly due to the volcanic character of Nisyros, water is not just warm. It features beneficial ingredients, such as sulfur and other minerals. So once you dive right in, you instantly experience a wonderful sense of relaxation and invigoration starting from within. Once you visit Nisyros and neighboring Kos, be sure not to miss a visit to the springs!