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New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

Drafting the new year’s resolution list has grown into a favorite habit. It has become more like an annual ritual that stirs our imagination and boosts our dreams. After all, setting yearly goals and ambitions cultivates our optimism for the future. In that spirit, our upcoming trips deserve to make part of our resolutions list and inspire us towards meaningful and sustainable travel.

Travel eco-friendly

Travelling is all about exploring the world and its treasures. Preserving these treasures for the future generations is all about environmentally conscious travelling. Reducing your carbon footprint can be achieved in a number of practical ways. Minimizing flight connections in the itineraries and embracing public transport (which is also a fantastic way for cultural immersion), saves considerably on fuel.

eco travel

Adapt to the customs of the country you visit

When travelling, it is important to find time to learn about the etiquette of the countries you visit and even observe them. Public kissing, bare shoulders, certain eating manners or body postures may be perceived as offensive. Showing appreciation and respecting local customs is important for every traveler. You may even consider to take it a step further and use free applications that can kick-start you on your way to learning key phrases in the local language.

Rediscover your inner self

We often feel smothered by our daily routine. Our obligations may have a stressful impact on our emotional well-being and drain our batteries. Travelling can prove to be a real opportunity to refocus on ourselves and why not, even sort out our priorities. What’s more, travelling reminds us to live in the moment and appreciate all that is around us.

rediscover yourself

Step outside your comfort zone

What about bustling the barriers of your comfort zone? Maybe its about time you picked a destination that has little or nothing to do with the norms and patterns you are used to and immerse in a brand-new experience. Or, you may re-thing your travelling habits and head out on a solo adventure. Stretch your soul with new experiences and you will be amazed of how much you are capable of.

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Try something new

Step back from what you consider regular. Surprise your taste buds with the local products and experiment with new savors. Take part in a festival and interact with the locals. Take time to discover new activities you have not engaged before. Take a Syrtaki class if you are in Greece or practice raijo taiso in Japan.

Disengage from your digital reality

Admit it! You are a smartphone addict. Have you ever thought that it is impossible to engage in the moment while enamored of your screen? Travelling is all about new experiences and these are made of precious moments. You are bound to miss their profound impact if you do not sever your connections with your digital world. Make sure you channel your mental and emotional resources to the brand-new world that unfolds before you. There is no way you will re-live those and they are worth every bit of your digital detox.

After all, let’s never stop reminding ourselves one thing: to travel is to live